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COSMOS Remote Educational Toolkit

‘COSMOS Remote Education Toolkit’ is the evolution of ‘COSMOS Education Toolkit’ and provides a curriculum that blends the three disciplines of mathematics, science, and computer science, into a seamless package that helps prepare students to be competitive in an evolving, international workforce. We currently support 55 interactive virtualized experiements through the use of a conventional computer and a Web Browser.

Math Labs

Science Labs

CS Labs

This work was supported in part by REM supplement to NSF award EFMA-1641100 (NewLAW EFRI), RET supplements to NSF awards ECCS-1547406, CNS-1650685, CNS-1650669, CNS- 1702952, CNS-1527750, ECCS-1547332, CNS-1513110, CNS-1730043, CNS-1329939, OAC-1541069, the Columbia Data Science Institute, AT&T foundation, and NSF awards CNS-1827923 (PAWR COSMOS) and OAC-2029295, and NSF-BSF award CNS-1910757. COSMOS is part of National Science Foundation’s PAWR program.